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We're so glad you chose the best on game day.  Our clear handbags are made of only the finest quality.  We value quality and style and believe neither should be overlooked when it comes to being compliant with today's safety standards.

The New New

The Estella

The Estella may just be our new favorite. She is for the fully functional woman that never wants to forfeit style for functionality. The Estella can go from crossbody power woman at the work dinner to sexy, stylish fanny pack for that after-party. This is for the woman that may need a hands-free handbag from time to time. If a blazer can transition from boardroom to DJ Booth, why can't your handbag?

The Joy Beth

We are coming back with a vengeance and want you to make an entrance. With this star-studded hot little number, we know that entrance will be epic. One of our smaller bags, the Joy Beth is big enough to fit the main essentials that bring you joy, while also being sleek enough to sneak in anywhere with you. We are manifesting major backstage pass energy with the Joy Beth.